Cocktails & Cancer

Season 02, Episode 01: It’s All Love!

October 2, 2019

Aaand we’re back...MJ and Dani kick off Season 2 with a new interview segment, Seen & Heard.  In this episode, we share love, laughter and the mic with our first ever guest, Charli Penn - Love and Wellness Director for ESSENCE Communication. Charli reveals things about herself she’s never shared, MJ is super excited about her busy summer and latest ad campaign with Macy’s (supporting breast cancer awareness month), and Dani opens up about the hurt that sometimes comes with friendships. The consensus... things may change, but LOVE reigns.

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Writers & Hosts: MJ & Dani
Exec. Producer: Mika Sunga
Editor: lion goodman

Theme Song: Qveen Herby "Till We Get By"
Transition: Clueless Kit "Rooftop"